Where Intelligence Resists Corrosion!

Corrsistance is designed to provide intelligent, data-driven solutions that ensure the durability, safety, and visual enhancement of steel structures.


We are always pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo to create safer, more efficient, and sustainable structures.


We are committed to excellence in our AI algorithms, predictive models, and customer support. We consistently exceed expectations and contribute to our clients’ long-term success.


We are conscious of the environmental impact of corrosion and fire risks, and we seek to minimize our footprint through our solutions and operations.

About Us

Corrsistance aims to redefine corrosion prevention management, fire protection, and architectural enhancement coatings for steel structures. We provide comprehensive, data-driven, and innovative coating solutions that extend assets’ lifespan, enhance safety, and improve aesthetics. Using Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, The Internet of Things (hereinafter AI, NLP, IoT respectively), and robotics, Corrsistance offers predictive maintenance, real-time monitoring, customized coating recommendations, and risk assessment. Our approach spans new construction and maintenance, contributing to infrastructure longevity, safety, and visual excellence.

Our Mission

Corrsistance is designed to revolutionize corrosion prevention management and fire protection by integrating advanced technologies. We strive to provide intelligent, data-driven solutions that ensure steel structures’ durability, safety, and visual enhancement.

Our Vision

We aim to establish higher standards in maintaining assets, minimize environmental effects, and aid in building safer and more sustainable infrastructure.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our company specializes in delivering customized corrosion prevention management and fire protection solutions to B2B clients who are impacted by these challenges. Our B2B model allows for precise client segmentation, personalized solution development, in-depth proposal and consultation, expert contract negotiation, seamless implementation and deployment, comprehensive training and onboarding, real-time monitoring, data analytics and reporting, and long-term partnerships with clients.